• Languages:

    • C/C++

    • PHP (yii/yii2 framework),  JavaScript (JQuery, ExtJS, Prototype, Websockets)

    • Lua, python, Golang

  • Communication protocols:

  • All aspects of TCP/IP protocols

  • HTTP, RPC, SOAP, web-services

  • Internet routing/switching  protocols: BGP, EGP, RIP, MPLS

  • Strong skills of linux network subsystem (netfilter, QoS etc.)

  • ASN.1, TSN1

  • Servers:

    • Amanda, dhcpd, apache, nginx, postfix, asterisk, exim, puppet, bind, mysqld, samba, pptp, openvpn, snmpd, quagga, squid, Memcached

    • virtualization technologies (ESXi, OpenVZ, docker (swarm))

    • Knowledge of Linux architecture (kernel-space programming)

    • GlusterFS

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sqlite

  • Development environment:

    • Linux: C++, C, All aspects of the GNU toolchain (GCC, GDB, strace, valgrind, gprof, gperftools,  binutils, etc.), bash scripting

    • Windows: WinAPI, WinDbg, Cygwin, MinGW, NSIS scripting,

    • Version control: SVN, GIT

    • Selenium (+facebook webdriver)

  • Development experience:

  • Low level program optimization

  • High load networking services, RT

  • Threads, IPC, MQ (ZeroMQ)

  • Kernel-space coding (driver)

  • Embedded development  for MIPS, ARM. JTAG debug.

  • Reverse engineering (x86, ARM, MIPS, Java bytecode, PPC platforms)

  • Java (Android)

  • Google chrome API (Xero invoice scanner)

  • Products:

    • Salesforce CRM (API, Apex)

    • Magento (business process management, customization, coding extensions)

  • Graphics:

    • GLES 2.0, Shaders, GPGPU

  • Hardware: Cisco, DVB, RF

  • IT infrastructure management:  (planning, configuration management, security management)

  • Security: Deep knowledge of IT infrastructure security.

  • Hobbies: reverse engineering, wireless hardware, wireless security, SDR

2012 - Now

Proprietorship, IT consulting

  • research & development channeling and QoS equipment for satellite TDMA links. Platforms: x86, MIPS, ARM

  • High load content delivery system design & development. (Mixed transport Unicast/Multicast) for biggest russian cinema content delivery network.

  • High effective compression & tcp accelerating software for sat. TDMA links (zlib, ROHC, packets FEC)

  • IT security research (CVE-2015-3306)

  • IT audit (Incident Management, Configuration Management, Capacity management, Change management)

  • Custom Wireshark Dissectors

01.2003 - 11.2011

SatGate,  Telecommunications, ISP

Position: Software Development Department Manager


Satellite ISP Sale platform (2004-2007)

  • Full Development & programming

  • Linux based Client-server technology.

  • Managing Internet channels over 8Gbps x 24h x 365d.

  • IP routing management (static routing, RIP, BGP)

  • Web based administration(Admins, Managers, Dealers, End Users).

  • Advanced traffic & QoS rules (OSI Layer 7 rules support);

  • Hierarchical Based Shaping(HTB+RED).

  • Built-in IP calculator, ipv4 address-space collision detector.

  • DDOS detection system.

  • High availability cluster support.

  • Advanced statistical flexible QoS rules.

  • VPN module (allows over 3000 dynamic users per interface and 8000 per server simultaneously).

  • Reports module.

  • CRM module.

  • External accounting collector. IBM MQ or proprietary library.

  • External management API.

  • Uses (libnetlink, librrd, libipt, etc), Linux net-sched kernel modding.

Rate-based transport protocol, adapted for big latency channels (like

Satellite links, GPRS) (2005-2006)

  • For end users looks like tunnel

  • Support user-friendly transparent split TCP session via internal user-space TCP/IP stack.

  • Support over 30.000 active TCP connections per server

  • Smart flow control adapted for big latency channels

  • Support bandwidth over 100Mbps per server

  • Support Clients: Win32(MinGW), Linux, FreeBSD. Server: Linux.

  • Tunnel transport protocols: UDP, TCP, ICMP

  • Other features: encrypt, compress, packets packing

  • High availability cluster support.

  • It works and currently serves more than 100.000 people.

DDOS Detection system

  • Detect DDOS by analyze cisco netflow

  • Report by email & sms customers & administrators

  • Block DDOS via BGP blackholing (Quagga + Cisco)

Reverse Engineering SkyStream 5500  hardware

  • Reverse engineering firmware PowerPC arch.

  • Found potential security problem with licensing subsystems

09.2002 - 09.2003 Atlass Press

Media, Polygraphy, Yellow Pages.

LAN Administrator, Programmer

  • Design and development database-on-cd “Marine business. Regions of Russia 2003”   Russian and English versions

  • Database-on-cd "Business Kaliningrad 2004"

01.2001 - 09.2003 Ray Ltd.

ISP, Telecommunications ISP Administrator

  • ISP hardware support

  • Billing for Dial-up clients (Perl)

  • Billing for Nortel Meridian PBX (C)