Xerox ReStarter

This utility is the product of reverse engineering of my home printer (Xerox 6022) firmware. Resetting procedure is potentially DANGEROUS operation, do it at your own risk. Suppoted models: Xerox Phaser 6020, 6022. Possibly suitable for models: WorkCentre 6025 6027. Please do not try to start reset process on different models. ReStarter only support 64 bit windows.

  1. Connect printer using USB (drivers should be installed)
  2. Run program. Make sure you selected corrent printer.
  3. Press 'Get Printer info' button. Make sure you model is supported.
  4. Press 'WakeUp printer' button. (wait 5-6 seconds)
  5. Press 'Reset Toner' button. After a few seconds you should power off then power on printer.
  6. After printer reboot toner level should be 100% toner level for all four colors